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RV & Boat Storage

RV Storage in Canby Oregon

Western Storage

It is our mission to keep your valuables and toys safe and secure!

To check on availability of units, please call:

Convenient RV Storage

An RV is great for long scenic road trips, weekend trips with the family, or traveling to somewhere new. One common problem that many RV owners have is having nowhere to store the RV when it is not in use. When your RV is parked for an extensive amount of time, it's exposed to the elements, putting your vehicle at risk of damage. Our facility offers protection against those elements, allowing you to keep your RV in tip top condition.

Boat Storage

Elemental factors can cause catastrophic damage to your boat, such as severe winds and excess rain or hail. Our units are enclosed, keeping your boat well-protected.​

When you do not have a place at home to store your boat, our storage facility is as good as having a spot at the lake for your boat.

Storage Facility Features

All of our units are private, indoor with insulated ceilings. They offer two wall-mounted fluorescent lights in each of the bays and they offer overall security lighting. You can access your storage unit 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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